Best Discord Bots for your Server [Updated]

Best Discord Bots

If you have a discords server with the large number of fans following or audience then you need to use Best Discord Bots on your server. discords bots play and important roles on your Discord server weather it is to manage your Discord Server or making fun and helping to handle your audience on your discord server.

So, If you are looking for the Best Discord bots for your server that will make your life easier and work faster then you are at the correct place. Today in this post we are going to discuses on the 3 best discords bots for the discord server and You will know that how they are different from others bots and how these bots will be helpful for you and your discord server.

There are millions of discord bots with there own unique feature but there are only few bots on the discords that are helpful for people based on their needs. So before going through the list of the best Discords bots lets know about discords bots.

What is Discord Bot ?

As many people might know or heard about Discord and Discords bots, In a simple language Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging social platform founded in 2015. In Discord Users have the ability to communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers”.

To Handel the Discords server the owner or creator of the Discord serer needs the bots. As bots are created using the programming languages like Java Script, Python, Rust etc., where as Discord bots is also created by programmers using the Discord API (Application Programing interface).

So the bots can work 10x faster then the human as they work on AI based technology. So discords bots also can do the crazy and 10x fast things or task on your server to make your discords server Hopping. This is all what Discord bots is, We hope you understand the what discord bot is then lets more through the list of Top best Discord bots for your server.

3 Best Discord Bots

The 3 best Discords bots that helps to manage your discords server are:-

  • MEE6 Bots
  • Bot
  •  Double Counter


MEE6 Discords Bots.
MEEG Website Main

MEE6 bots is one of the most useful and helpful bots for discord server. MEE6 has some of the great and unique features which make its on the Top of the best Discords bots. MEE6 bots works on the automation like, you can automate tasks on your discords server like sending welcome messages, Sending the updates and other social links when a new user joined your server. 

This bots helps to prevents your bots for spam and spam contents where you can also create your own custom commands to kick users that post ads, Promote links, and spams content. This bot can also be used to play music or assign participation levels to your users on your server.

One of the great and unique features of this bot is, It can assign roles to users and sending messages in the current server or DMs which helps to prevent you discords server from spam and scammer. You should defiantly use this bot the prevent you discords server from spam and scammer.

Taking the looks on its Pricing, MEE6 comes with a free plan with limited features But You can buy the premium version of this bot for $11.95/month, $49.99/year, or get a lifetime license for $89.90.

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helper 810x410 1 Main Website

As Discords is the reputation as the platform for gamers Discord can also cater to businesses types. There are the many people who need the support on the server who are new the the dedicated server so they need a bots like Bots can helps you to tag dedicated channels and servers to bring the ticket to the attention of the right people from your audiences. Its also have one of the great feature where your employees can organize tickets and close them once your customer’s concerns are addressed.

Taking the looks on the pricing of, comes with free plans also with the limited feature but you can upgrade this bot to Supreme at $2 / Months or Premium $4 / Month to unlock more features of this bots.

 Double Counter

Double Counter Homepage
Double Counter Bots

 Double Counter is very useful and helpful bot in Discords to prevent discords server from spams. Double Counter prevents people from joining your server using multiple accounts which makes this bots one of the unique bots from other moderation bots on Discords. By using the Double Counter bots you can prevent your discords from spams and scammers.

The working concepts of Double Counter bots is simple and easy to understandable. Double Counter verifies the members who join you server and it store their IP on its server to uses their IP addresses to check if they’re using other accounts. So if a user is kicked or banded from the server, that person can’t sign back to your server in using an others account.

Taking the looks on its pricing, You can use Double Counter bots for free on your discord server but you can also uses its plan like Double Counter Pro at $6.99 / m, Double Counter Premium at $12.99 / m and Double Counter Enterprise for $24.99 / m.


These were the 3 best discords bots as our research. This bots will help you to manage your discords channel. All of this bots have their own unique features and ability to prevents or manage your groups from spam. You should decently use this bots on your discords server to make your server fresh and active too.


What is Discords Bots ?

Discord bots are AI-driven tools that can help you automate and fast forward your tasks on your Discord server. There Bots are mare using the Discords API or SDK by Programming to helps discords servers. 

Are Discord bots free?

Most of the discords bots are free to use in your discords server but there are some of the premiums bots or features which required license or subscription to use them on discords server. As free discords bots only have limited features where as Paid discords bots have many more feature then of free Discords bots.

Why are Discord bots Important.

Discords bots are very important on discords server because they helps you to manage your discords server and automates task. They also provides your extra more features which discords don’t provides.