10 Best Telegram Bots in 2022 to make life easier.

Best Telegram Bots

Telegram is one of the most popular messages after the What’s app and it is rising to become more popular in the upcoming days. Today we are going to see the Best Telegram Bots on Telegram. Telegram was founded in 2013 by Nikolai and Pavel Durov in Russia, Telegram is Very popular in Russia because its and Russian messaging app. Telegram became very popular in 2019- 2021. Mostly telegram is used by big Crypto Businesses and Startups. More than 500M of people visits telegram monthly as the data from telegram.

Telegram has recently become big competitor to meta messaging platform like messenger and WhatsApp. Many of people use and trust telegram because it focuses more on privacy and encryption than the meta messaging app. Telegram give more parity to user privacy, like telegram users can have secret chats and send self-destructing messages similar to snap chat. Telegram also provide feature like using different types attractive front, Animated sticker, emoji etc. on message which make it more interesting and useful to use.

Telegram also provide power AI system for developer to make there Bot on telegram which is known as telegram bot that make telegram more useful and powerful app for users. Telegram provides simple ways to build telegram bots with Telegram Bot API. So toady we are going to list our the top 10 best telegram bot that is worth of using them to make our daily life easier and faster. Before listing out the best telegram bots lets know about what is Telegram Bot.

What is a Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot is inbuild program on telegram with the help of Telegram Bot API and Telegram AI that offer different types of Command and function that is mostly used by user on there Chats, groups, and channel to preform different types of task or automation on Telegram. Telegram bots are build with the help of telegram bot builder bot called Bot Father or Telegram BOT API. To build telegram bot you need to know programing because bot is kind of program made by users into the telegram. To build the own bots on telegram is free and supper easy if have programing experience on Node JS or Python.

Telegram Bot
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You can also make and play HTML5 games on telegram where you play games with your friends or solo on telegram bots. Telegram game bots can also track high scores and you score for every game played in an individual chat. Telegram Bot is the most powerful AI System under telegram to automate and help to make life easier for the user.

Telegram bots helps to make your daily life easier because there are many helpful telegram bots which provides feature of Automated newsletters, Publishing the content from 3rd party social media to telegram, Tracking the price of Crypto Currency, Real-time information system, Group Management AI Bots, File management etc. on telegram and you can do many more things from different kinds of Telegram. To find the most useful bots and to know what are they used for then you can visit well known popular website BotsHunter to find the List of Telegram Bots.

10 Best Telegram Bots

We have known knowledge about telegram bot now lets us know about the best telegram bot on telegram that makes our life easier. Some of the bots we have listed might not be online at the time you read the article so don’t hieratite to search for Alternative bots on BotsHuner. After a long research and uses we have collected the list of the top 10 best and use full telegram bots now lets know the more about these bots step by step.

1. Skeddy – (@SkeddyBot)

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Skeddy bot is most useful bots for business peoples and entrepreneur peoples because its a kind of reminder tools where you can add your notes and task for the reminder that you want to set inside the Telegram chat. You need to list your task or nots with time and date and save it on Skeddy Bot. Once the time will comes Skeddy Bots will automatically send notify alarm to you about your task on telegram chat. You can list and set reminder for unlimited task on Skeddy bots because its free to use telegram bot.

2. GameBot – (@gamebot)

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If you loves to paly game with friends the GameBot is very useful and interesting bots for you. GameBot is the official bot of telegram with verified badge. It is a demo for the Telegram Gaming Platform which allows you to play demo game with your friends on telegram. To play games on Gamebot you just need to start the bot and then choose a chat and select a game after that you will be able to start your game and enjoy on telegram.

3. Botfather – (@botfather)

Credit:- Botshunter

Bot father is one like the king of the bot that rules over all the bots. It is an official bot of telegram which helps to create and customize the bots on telegram. You can edit, manage, create, and update bots with the help of Botfather on telegram. Botfather also allows you to transfer bot ownership to a new account on telegram. There are more things you can do with bots father.

4. Dr.Web – (@drwebbot)

dr web security space

Dr.Web bot can ensures the safety of files and links transferred via Telegram. Its a kinds of Anti-virus bot on telegram which  checks  and scan the files and links on telegram and verify if the link or file is secure or not. You can simply send the file or link to this bot and this bot will scan them and verify if the link or file is secure or not. You can also add this bot to telegram so this bot will automatically scan the links and file on telegram .

5. DropMail.me – (@dropmailbot)

credit:- Botshunter

DropMail.me bot is very useful bot of bypassing email varication or creating multiple account on different website. People can use DropMail.me bot to generate a temp email address and then receive emails on telegram. You can create random email address on this bot by commanding ‘/get’ on this Bot. You can create unlimited temp email address for free with the help of this bot.

6. File Converter – (@newfileconverterbot)

File Converter
credit:- Botshunter

File Converter is one of the most popular and useful bot for converting different types of file. People can use this bot to convert image, audio, and video files from one format to another on telegram for free within 10-15 seconds.  File Converter bot currently supports 63 file types across 579 conversions.

7. File to Bot – (@filetobot)

File to Bot
credit:- Botshunter

As many of the people know that telegram allows to store up top 4GB of files on telegram but with the help of File to Bot you can store unlimited size of file in telegram for free. File to Bot provides unlimited private storage in Telegram to store your file. People can also use it to give access or share files to there friends while chatting with them on telegram.

8. PosterBot – (@pstrbot)

PosterBot is very useful bot if you are social media marketer or a content creator. PosterBot helps users to send posts from different social networks directly to your Telegram channels or Groups. You can use this bot to send post from popular social media like Instagram, VK, YouTube, Twitter, and other telegram channels to your telegram channel.

9. Sticker Downloader – (@stickerdownloadbot)

Sticker Downloader bot allows users to download any Telegram sticker in jpg, png, and webp formats, or a whole sticker pack in zip file format for free on telegram. You can download sticker on bulk or a single sticker from telegram with the help of this bot.

10. URL Shortener Bot – (@LinkGeneratorBot)

URL Shorter bot works like the website like a website like bit.ly. URL shortener bots allow you can shorten long links to a short link on telegram for free. Long URLs are kinds of unreadable and unmanageable links, and a link shortener bot makes them more manageable and easy to handle.URL Shortener Bot is an easy-to-use and free bot on telegram you can use this bot to short unlimited links for free in telegram.


What is Telegram Bot.

Telegram Bot is inbuild program on telegram with the help of Telegram Bot API and Telegram AI that offer different types of Command and function that is mostly used by user on there Chats, groups, and channel to preform different types of task or automation on Telegram

Is telegram Bot Free

Probably many of the telegram bots are free but there are some of the bots there are paid or works on subscription on telegram.

Where can I Find best telegram Bots.

As you might know that it is hard task to find best telegram bots on telegram but you can use BotsHunter.com to find the best telegram bots.

Do you need to know Programming to make Telegram Bots

Telegram bots is a kinds of Program which are build inside of the telegram, So you need to know programming to build Telegram Bots. I prefer to go with Python or Node js to builds telegram bot from scratch.

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