Best Business Ideas in Nepal 2079 (Everything You Need to Know).

Business Ideas in Nepal

Business Ideas in Nepal:-If you are interested to run your own business online to make some passive income online then you are at the right Place. There are many online opportunities in Nepal to run their online business to walk through success.

Now in this digital age, many people from different countries are making millions of dollars by running online businesses. So now it’s our turn to utilize the internet to make a passive income staying on our home by using our Mobile and Computers.

Every Business required time and Patient. If you are thinking, I will open my online business today and I will start making hundreds of dollars tomorrow then you are completely wrong. This type of Person can’t be a successful person in their life because there are not serious about making money online.

Running Online Business or Making money online is not hard work and it’s not also very easy work. It requires time and the Patient to convert Business into Passive income. So today through this post we are going to share with you some awesome online business ideas on Nepal to make passive income online.

Online Business Ideas in Nepal

Freelancing Business.

Freelancing is one of the most popular way to earn money in Nepal. Many people from Nepal are doing full time freelancing on popular platform like Fiver and Upwork. To do Freelancing you must know some of the skill, You can start freelancing by learning Video editing, Photo editing, Translator, content writing etc.

If you know many skills in different fields then Freelancing is one of the best ways for you to make money online. You could earn more than NPR:- 50,000 – NPR:- 200,000, if you could become a top-rated freelancer. Freelancing doesn’t need any investment to start it is free for all, You just need to signup at Upwork or fiver and make your freelancer account.

Freelancing Business on Nepal

But at the beginning, it’s very hard to find a freelancing job. As I mention earlier before every business takes time so if you are not getting jobs freelance you should not leave it, You show keep submitting job proposals until you got your first Job on freelancing to make money.

If you want to get a fast job in the Freelancing business then you need to build a powerful portfolio that will help you a lot to get a fast job in the freelancing business. Your Profile should contain your skills, Past work, and some demo Projects.

Social Media Marketing Agency .

Social Media Marketing agency is one of my favorite online businesses to make a big amount of money and it’s very easy and simple. There is very few Social Media Marketing agency in Nepal but the demand for social media marketing is very high in Nepal.

As you know that Nepal is a developing country, Many new startups and businesses are launched in Nepal every day. In the future, thousands of startups, and businesses will open in Nepal because of the developing country.

Social Media Marketing Agency on nepal
Image Credit:- Business 2 Community

There all startups and businesses will need social media marketing to promote their product to the people. So You can Open your own Marketing Agency to contact the business owner to promote their product and get paid. To open a Social Media Marketing Agency you don’t need any audience just the thing you need is to learn and know to use Social media Ads (Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, etc.)

You need some capital of 30-40 Thousand to start this business, You need to make your business website and need to do some research on a new startup. You can earn from NPR 70,000 – NPR 300,000 from this business, You might earn more than 10 Lakh in the future if you will to able to handle and run your Social media Marketing Agency.

Online Coaching Business.

Online Coaching Business is one of the good business ideas in Nepal including in other countries. There is very less Online coaching business in Nepal, But Many people don’t like this idea because they don’t know the potential and power in Online Coaching Business.

Online Coaching Business can become the big high demanded Business in Nepal in a few years because Nepal is Developing and Internet is reaching out to more different areas in Nepal, whereas now the internet might not be available in many places. You can start your Online Business through YouTube for free.

Online Coaching Business on Nepal
Image Credit:- iStock Photo

When you got more audience you can launch your own paid course to generate income where passive income will be made from YouTube. For example;- if You got a 20,000 audience/students and your course price is around NPR 1,500 then if you will able to sell your paid courses to around 3,000 students you will make around NPR:- 4,500,000 just by selling 1 Course. This is just an example if you got more students then you will earn a lot of money.

In Online Coaching businesses people need to focus on Quality education, not the amount of money. If you focus on money then you can’t run Online Coaching Business. You need some good experience, deep knowledge, and good Coaching ability to start this business.

Web / App Development.

Web and App Development businesses need a long period because need to learn Programming. In my programming experience, Programming is one of the time consuming skill and hard skill to learn if you are a completely beginner.

If you will focus and give full effort to learning programming then you can be a good web developer in long as 1Year. If you learn to become a good Programmer then you don’t have to run for the money, either money will run for you.

You can open your web development agency to make a website for clients, businesses, and organizations. You can charge NPR 20,000 for making a website for the client as their demand. You can do freelance also if you learn web development skill, In freelancing you can earn from NPR 25,000 to NPR 1,500,000 or more also for building the website for client on freelancing. It will be easier to get Job for you in freelancing if you have coding and programming skills.

web development in Nepal

You can also teach Programming to other in YouTube to generate passive revenue through YouTube. You can also sell online Programming courses to make good amount of money online from Programming. So Web development and Programming have big opportunity to make passive income in Nepal.

Affiliate Marketing (Highly recommended)

Affiliate Marking is one of the fastest ways to make a big amount of money online in a short amount of time. Many people in Nepal don’t know about Affiliate Marketing. People from Different County are making Million of Dollar per wear through out Affiliate marketing.

The simple meaning of Affiliate marketing is selling others product to get some % of commission. You can do affiliate marketing in 2ways one is paid methods other is free methods. If you are a beginner and don’t have capital to invest then you have through the free methods.

Affiliate Marketing in Nepal
Image credit:- The 2CheckOut Blog

To earn money through affiliate marketing using free methods, You need to have an audience. So to get an audience, TikTok is one of the most popular Platforms. You can get an audience from different social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you have capital and knowledge then you can go with paid methods which is by using Google Ads and Facebook ads.

With Affiliate Marketing if you target US and UK people you can make from NPR:- 5,000+ in just a single sale. So It is one of the highly recommended and fastest ways to make money online.


How to Make Money Online in Nepal ?

Making money online is not hard as you think, You can make money Online in Nepal by using various methods like, Freelancing, Coaching, Marking, Agency etc.

New Business Idea in Nepal.

There are a lot of businesses you can do in Nepal to make a good amount of money. Some of the business like Software Agency, Social Media Agency etc. have great potential un upcoming years on Nepal.

What is the best business to do in Nepal

In my opinion, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best businesses to do in Nepal. Because it is one of the fast ways to make money.

How much money can we make from online in Nepal.

There is a limitation to earning money online in Nepal. You can earn as much money as you want if your business has low competition and high demands.

Can Students earn money from Online in Nepal.

Yes, Students can earn a good amount of money in Nepal through our freelancing, Content writing, and YouTube. Students can make good amounts of money online if they are serious about it.


Making money online is not hard as you think if you have the skill and ability to patent then you can seriously make a good amount of money online in Nepal. These are just a few ways we shared with you today throughout this article, we will be sharing a lot of Online and offline money-making ideas to help you make good amount of money online in Nepal.

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