Error: Your login has been blocked on Hulu (6 Working Solution)

Error: Your login has been blocked on Hulu

If you are facing the Error: Your Login has been Blocked on Hulu then you will find the 10 possible working methods to solve this problem. Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services on TV, If you want to stream your favorite content on Hulu via your TV then you most login to your account through the TV but some time Hulu might throw Login Blocked error when you trying to login to your Hulu Account through your TV.

There are many possible reasons why Hulu can refuse you to login into your TV or any device. As this error is not a new issue this error might occur to any Hulu user due to some possible reason that we are going to discuss in this Post. There are a few working solutions to fix this error that we will point out in this Post. We request you to follow each guide’s lines from this post so you can solve this problem on the Hulu.

Why Hulu won’t Let Me Log in to my Account?

There are many reason why Hulu won’t Let you to Log in to my Account. As Hulu is TV streaming Platform where you can see your favorite TV content on Hulu. it is a subscription based service where you have subscribe a package of Hulu to able to see the TV content live on Hulu. There might be the problem like, Invalid Login Credentials details, server issues, Subscription Issue, App Glitches etc. which might be blocking your from login to your Hulu account. Bellow we have listed the solution to solve this problem on Hulu login issues.


Invalid Login Credentials

This is one of the common reasons why Hulu won’t let you log in to your account. If you login details is not correct this then any platform won’t let you login throwing the Your login is invalid. Please try again error. In some platform like Hulu you have some limit to Attempt login to you account. For example, If Hulu have 5 Attempt for login then, If you entered Invalid Login Credentials details five time then those types of services will temporary block you account from accessing it to prevent you account from hacker and Scam.

Invalid Login Credentials
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So when you are trying to login to your Hulu account make sure you correct entered your email address and password. You need to check you password correctly before clicking Login button on Hulu. Verify the password manual and if every this is ok then login to you account. If you have forgotten you Hulu account then avoid entering the random password because it might block your account. In the case if you forgotten your password you can go through the methods of resetting password by clicking the Forget password option.

Once you click Forget Password option then, You need to enter your email then Hulu you send to reset passwords intrusion link on your email. Now you can change you password of Hulu then you can login to to Hulu account and use it. If this methods doesn’t work then lets move to the next methods.

Account Is Not Activated

You need to activate your Hulu account to access it. If you haven’t activated your Hulu account then, the Hulu system will block your account from accessing it. When you first created a Hulu account the Hulu system will send you the mail with the activation link, You can check spam/junk or inbox folder of mail to find the activation link send from Hulu System. You can simply open this link then on any Brower and activate your account.

If you can’t find the Activation mail from Hulu System then you can resend the activation link from your Hulu Account. Them mail won’t take more than one minute to arrive and the activation takes just a few seconds to activate your Hulu account. Some time when you buy or upgraded the subscription plan on Hulu then also you need to verify your subscription from email. Once you activate your Hulu account then you can successfully login to your Hulu account. If activation you email does not solve this problem then lets move to the next methods.

Subscription Issue

If you can log in to your Hulu account through the Brower but can’t log in through the App then there is a Subscription issue on your Hulu account. If there is Subscription Issues then Hulu is well known for blocking account on this issues. There is multiple reason for Subscription issues on Hulu like insuffinet fund on Bank, unsupported card, Blocked or black listed Card, Using Virtual card while pay on Hulu.

Screenshot 2021 11 25 at 18.39.38 1024x1004 1
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Solving the problem of your payment methods might solve your Subscription Issues. Once your Subscription Issues will be fixed then your Hulu plan will be activate then you can access your Hulu account and enjoy surfing Hulu on you App.

Internet Connection Problem

As Hulu is a online Tv program streaming software where you need a good internet connect to surf Hulu on your devices. There might be the connection issue through you Internet Services Provider (ISP) or problem on you devices like Pc, Mobile, Tv etc. So try to figure out the where the internet issues is then try to solve the Internet Connectivity Problem.

Internet Connection Problem
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You can also try to figure out the if the problem is with connection or not by asking someone to login to your Hulu account form His/her devices or internet connection. There might be Firewall setting or network setting blocking your internet connection so try to reset this setting on your devices or try restarting you router or modem . If the problem was with internet connection then you can access your Hulu account by fixing Internet Connectivity problem.

Server Issues

Hulu is a very popular service in the world, More than 46.2 Million people use Hulu to see their favorite TV Programs, Show, etc. on their Devices. As Hulu is used by Millions of people there Hulu Server might not be Uptime or working 100% every time. So some time Hulu server might be down or not working properly, In such time You can’t login to you Hulu account properly.

There is not any kinds of solution or instant fix on this kinds of issues. This issues is automatically fixed by Hulu technician team. So you need to keep waiting till Hulu team will solve the Server Issues, Once the server Issues is fixed then you can login to your Hulu account from you devices.

Violating Hulu’s Terms Of Condition

Many services and platform have there won terms and condition that you need to accept or agree. Hulu also have its own terms and contrition where we need to accept that, Hulu is very strict on its terms and condition. If you violented any types of term and condition of Hulu then it might block account so we need to follow the terms and condition of Hulu properly.

 Hulu’s Terms Of Condition
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As you know that Hulu is available in the US only so if you are trying to access it from other country then Hulu will splash screen displaying “Hulu is available in the US only and cannot be accessed using proxy service.” So in such time some people try to access Hulu by using VPN and Proxy so in such case Hulu system detect it and block your account because using proxy while accessing Hulu is against its terms and condition.


These where the 6 possible reason and way that you can fix Error: Your login has been blocked issues on Hulu. Some of the steps might not work for every one based on there problem. if none of the steps work then the best solution of this Problem is to contact with the Hulu Live chat or support team because they have full responsibility to fix there user problem.


Why can't I login to My Hulu Account ?

There are many reason why Hulu won’t Let you to Log in to my Account due to the problem like, Invalid Login Credentials details, server issues, Subscription Issue, App Glitches etc. on Hulu.

Can I access Hulu Through Proxy?

Hulu has clearly mention on there terms and condition that Hulu is available in the US only and cannot be accessed using proxy service so if you access Hulu through Proxy then it might block you account.

How Long Does It Take To Unblock blocked account on Hulu?

It may take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to get your account back based on the reason behind Blocked account.

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