how to buy crypto without kyc


cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Now many people wanted to invest on Cryptocurrency because many people believe on Cryptocurrency, People think that Cryptocurrency is upcoming future.

The Process of Buying Cryptocurrency is simple and fast people with age of 18+ can buy and invest on Crypto by doing the process of KYC(know your Customer) on different Crypto exchanges like coinbase, binance, Paxful etc. But those who are not 18+ cannot buy Crypto without KYC on these exchanges.

How to Buy Crypto without KYC

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To buy Crypto there are many exchanges some are not trusted, those exchanges are build to scam peoples. But WhitBit a crypto exchange has lunched a P2P crypto platform called Bitcoin Global, Where People can buy and invest on Crypto instantly without doing KYC.

Bitcoin Global a Crypto P2P trading platform was lunched on late 2020 taking the vision of buying the crypto with out KYC , They claims that Providing the p2p services without KYC will be easier to invest on Crypto by any person from any country securely.

People can trade 100+ different  currency on bitcoin global without KYC, Around 50+ Payment methods are available there to pay on local currency , Bitcoin Global has provided its services to 160+ different Country.