How To Do Next.js SEO. Rank #1 on Google.

Next js SEO
Next.js SEO

If you are wondering how can you make your next.js website rank on google search. Then you are in right place. Next.js is an awesome framework for SEO-friendly websites to optimize SEO for better ranking.

Throughout this article, You will learn to do and optimize SEO on your Next.js website completely from scratch. Today won’t be using any NPM packages to do SEO on our Next.js website.

What is Next.js ?

what is next.js

As most of you know that Next.js is an open source Web Development Framework which was created by Vercel on October 25, 2016. Next.js is a React based framework, with Next.js you can create both Dynamic and Static website.

Next.js is well famous for making SEO friendly website. I personally use next.js for creating SEO friendly website for clients and for my personal project. As many of you know that React.js website can only render the content in the client-side browser but next.js can render the content in one the server side so it is very useful for Dynamic SEO website

What is SEO ?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, With the help of SEO you are helping your website to interconnect with a search engine to tell them what your is you website about. So when someone query a particular keyword/topic on google or any other search engine that is related to your website niche, category, or post. Search Engines display your website on their search result to help the users what are they searching for a particular query.

What is SEO

SEO is like a backbone of your website if you trying to drive organic traffic to your website. So optimizing the SEO helps search engines bots understand about your website and Rank them on Particular query. There are two types of SEO, One is On Page SEO another is Off Page SEO which have hug different in there term.

Is next.js good for SEO ?

The answer to this question is quite simple, Yes next.js is one the best framework for SEO-friendly websites. Next.js provides a server-side rendering functionality, With that, it helps to activate the next level of Performance, UX, and SEO. Using the next.js framework developer can boost their ranking on search engines.

Using Next.js, It will be easier for Curl Bots of the search engine to read and know about the on page SEO of your website. As Server-side rendering is good for SEO which  removes the load on JavaScript to helps search engine bots to fix indexing issues and increase curl budgets. I highly recommendation to every developer if you are building for SEO friendly website then Next.js is good framework for boosting the Organic traffic on website through the SEO.

SEO Diagram

  Right Way To Do SEO in Next.js

It’s very easy and simple to implement SEO on the Next.js website. You don’t need to install any NPM package to use SEO on next.js. First you have to create a next app using npx create-next-app@latest or yarn create next-app which make default next.js app on the your Dir. No you have to open the folder in Vs Code or any other coder editor software.

You can run Next.js App by npm run dev which runs our next.js app on localhost:3000, which we can open in our browser to see our next.js website. To implement SEO on the next.js site, All the Meta tags are written inside the <Head></Head> component as shown bellow.

Next.js SEO Tags

When we run the next.js there Meta tags we used inside the <Head> </Head> tags will rendered on the Server and will returned inside the <head></head> tags on the HTML format. This makes search engine bots easy to curl our website meta tags, which makes our website easier to rank on google with the help of Next.js SEO optimization. This is all the processes of doing an On-Page SEO in the Next.js website.

Next.js SEO Example using Meta Tags.

If you learn to implement SEO in Next.js then here you have to learn to use Meta Tags in the right way to Optimize SEO in the next level in Next.js to get a higher ranking on Google. You have to properly use meta tags like Title, Description, Keywords inside the <Head></Head> Component.

        <title>Your Website Title</title>
        <meta name="description" content="Your website Description" />
        <meta name="keywords" content="Keyword1, keyword2, keyword3" />
          content="Website Desc... that you want to display on Search Eng..."
          content="Website title That you want to display on Search Eng...."
        <meta name="og:image" content="" />
        <meta name="og:sitename" content="@yourwebsite" />
        <meta name="og:url" content="" />
Next.js Meta Tags


Is Next JS Good For SEO.

Yes, Next.js is one of the most popular React frame work which prove server-side rendering. So next.js is Very Google for developing SEO friendly website.

Why Next JS is good for SEO ?

Well, Next.js is good for SEO because the server-side rendering functionality of next.js help the curls bots of Search Engines to identify and index a website on Search Engines.

Is Next JS good.

Yes, Next is one the popular and most used React Framework by developer and business to optimize SEO , Performance and to Improve UX along with server side rendering to make Dynamic and Static website.

How to implement SEO in Next JS.

It’s very easy and simple to implement SEO on next.js. All the SEO’s meta tags are coded inside the Head Component on Next.js.

Next.js Vs React.js which is Best for SEO ?

As react.js do Client-side rendering where Next.js has Server-Side rendering functionality, Next.js is best and good for SEO.

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