How to Download Google Input Tool Nepali in Windows 10.

How to Download Google Input Tool Nepali:-Dear friends, Are you wondering to know how can you download and use the google input tool Nepali on your computer? If so you are in the right place. If you are slow in Nepali typing then google tools is a useful tools for you. By the help of this post you can easily and super fast type Nepali on your computer.

Today from this post you will learn how can you download the google input tool Nepali and how can you install it on your Windows OS. So we hope this post will help you and save you time.

How to Download Google Input Tool Nepali
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What is Google Input Tool

Google Input tool is also known as Google IME which was created by Google in  December 2009. Google Input tools is a set of input method editors by Google for 22 languages including Nepali Language. Google Input Tools is like a virtual keyword that allows users to type in their local language directly.

Google Input tools translate the English Language to the language you selected. Google input Tools work on the mechanism of google Translate on windows OS. This tool is only available for Microsoft windows, You can’t use it on other OS like Linux, Mac, etc. This tool is a free tool so you can download this tool for free and install it without any kind of license key or somethings else. Google input tool is a great tool for every people who is slow in there native language typing.

Feature of Google Input Tools

google nepali input tools
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  • Google Input Tools is a completely free tool, You can download and use it without any limitation.

  • Automatically translate English to the Language you selected.

  • Fully Offline software so you don’t need any internet connection to Use it.

  • Work on Any type of file like MS word, txt, PDF, etc.

  • Easy to install and Easy to use the software.

  • It automatically the suggest word, that make your job easy.

How to Download Google Input Tool Nepali

As we have mentions earlier that google input tools is free to download and free to use tools. You can download google input tools Nepali for free following the steps given bellow.

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  • First, Download Google Input Tools Nepali installer Zip File from here.
  • You need to Unzip the zip file so Download and install WinRAR Software from here.
  • Once you installed WinRAR software, Extract the file.
  • After the extracting the file you can see two software in the folder, One is GoogleInputNepali and another is GoogleInputtools.
  • Right to Click to there GoogleInputTools and click on run as administrator after that software will be automatically installed, After GoogleInputTools is installed, Do the same process with GoogleInputNepali.
  • After this steps are completed, Googleinputtools will select reboot option and click finish.
  • Now you System will be Rebooted.

How to use Google Input Tools.

Once google input tools will be installed on you System now you can use it to translate and types English to any Native languages on your System. You can see Google Input Tools in the task bar of you computer, Click on this option and you will see the two option on the language bar, One is Nepali and another is English.

You can see by default google input tools is pointed to English, switch it to Nepali if you want to type Nepali. Now you can use google input tools for Nepali typing. Suggestions will also be given by guessing the words in the tool as you type word. You can choose correct word on Nepali and click to apply the suggestion the documents you are working on. It was too simple to download and use google input tools on our System, We hope by reading our post you was able to download and use Google input tools on your system.


Is Google Input Tools Free ?

Yes, Google input tools 100% free tools. You can download and install this software for free

Which OS does Google Input Tools Support?

Currently, Google input tools only support Microsoft windows, You can’t use these tools on Mac OS, Linux, etc.

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