How to Enable All CPU Cores in Windows 10/11

Enable All CPU Cores in Windows 10

Enable All CPU Cores in Windows 10/ 11:- Are looking the enable all of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) cores on your system then today from this Post you will learn how can we enable All the CPU cores in our Windows 10 from BIOS and System Settings. By default, both Windows 10 and windows 11 supports support multi-core processing. In most the PC when installing windows 10 or windows 11 it defaults to active all the cores and logical Processer in your system but in some of the system is disabled by BIOS or User so the All the Cores won’t be function.

Today we are going the see the methods to enable our CPU cores if they are been disabled. The methods to Enable All the CPU cores in windows 10 and 11 is super simple and anyone can do it and it don’t required any technical expert.

What is CPU Cores

In simple word CPU cores are known as several CPU logical processors. At an early age, the CPU has just one core so the computer can perform only one task at a time as the computer at early age is too slow compared to the modern age. Now in the each CPU has cores in the range of 2 – 18 based on the price of processer.

What is CPU Cores
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CPU cores help to perform the multi-tasking at a singe time in the Computer. CPU core play a great role on impacting the performance on your System. The more CPU cores your processer has the fast you computer will process the task. CPU core also very important on Gaming and programming PCs. CPU core impact a 20-30 FPS in the game performance. So CPU core is one of most important part of processer, These cores work together to perform different tasks simultaneously, increasing speed and performance on your computer.

Benefits of Enabling All the CPU Cores

CPU cores can be benefited a lot in terms of processes on the computer. CPU cores make a big impact in terms of speed, performance, and multi-tasking in computer systems. In the simple word the more the CPU cores you got on your Processer the great speed and performance you can see on your computer.

Enabling All the CPU cores to help computer the perform the task fast. If the task was performed by 2 cores but if you enable all the CPU cores then it will be easier for the processor to compile the process and task by using the multi Cores. If you want to increase the speed and performance of your computer and game then Enabling All the CPU core is one of the best Ideas.

How to Check Number of Cores in Windows

It is very important to know the number of cores present on your CPU before enabling all the CPU cores. It is very easy to know the number of physical cores and the logical cores present on the CPU in Windows. You can easily check the Number of Cores in windows 10 by using Task Manager and Command prompt.

Check Number of Cores in Windows using Command Prompt.

  • Go to Search bar on the start menu
  • Search CMD and After the search result is displayed, open the Command Prompt.
  • To check the number of Cores, Type wmic cpu get NumberOfCores and Press Enter button on Keyword.
  • TO check the number of Logical Processer, Type wmic cpu get NumberOfLogicalProcessors and Press Enter button on Keyword.
  • Using there Command can see number of Cores and Logical Processor on your CPU.

Check Number of Cores in Windows using Task Manager.

  • Go to the taskbar and right-click on the mouse button then click on Task Manager or launch the Task Manager directly by using the CTRL + Shift + Esc shortcut keys.
  • Once the Task Manager will Lunch go to Performance
  • On the Performance section of Task Manager you will see the Performance of Hardware including CPU, RAM, GPU, SSD, and the Internet.
  • Click on CPU and the bottom of Right-hand side you will see the number of Core and logical Processer on your CPU
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How to show Performance of All the Logical Processer

On the task manger you can see only one graph on the CPU performance section which calculated on the rate on all the Processer Task per seconds. On the Task Manager you can see the Graph performance of all the individual Logical Processer in one place.

To see the performance graphs of all Logical Processer on the Chart of CPU performance right click on you mouse button -> Change Graph to -> and Select Logical Processer. After the processer chart is pointed to Logical Processer the chart will expands and you can see the all the chart on Logical Processer.

How to Enable All CPU Cores in Windows 10 from BIOS settings.

After we check the number of Cores on our CPU now we can enable all the cores from BIOS settings to make our computer fast. First you need to restart you System and Access the BIOS setting. After you access the BIOS setting, You need to look for the Multi Core Support in your BIOS setting. Once you find the Multi core support option, now select all option and click Save button.

Enable All CPU Cores from BIOS settings
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If you are using the Inter processer then you need to enable the Hyperthreading property also. Hyperthreading changes a physical core on a CPU into virtual cores where it each acts as an independent processor on your system. To enable Hyperthreading feature you need to look of the Hyperthreading option on your BIOS System and select the Enabled option. Once you applied these setting you can exit your BIOS system and boot your system.

Enable All Logical CPU Processer.

After you enable all the CPU cores from BIOS setting now we need to enable All the Logical CPU Processer. We can enable all the Logical CPU processor from the System setting. Follow the step bellow ;-

  • Open Run and type msconfig or Search System Configuration in Search Bar
  • After the System Configuration will open Switch the tab to Boot.
  • On the Boot Tab, click on the Advanced options.
  • Now mark the box left to “Number of processors
  • Choose the Highest number of Processer from the drop down option and click Save
  • Come back System Configuration and click Apply
  • Restart You system.

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