How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11: Easy Solution

How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11:- Do your iPhone work on its own, It is known as ghost touch. Like on iPhone 11 it will automatically open apps, it will randomly type in keywords, etc. This type of problem in iPhone is not a new issue, it’s well-known and easy to fix issues in your phone.

This looks like one of the craziest issues on phone. This seems like a phone has its mind and it will control your phone on its own but no, it’s because of some of the faults and problems in your iPhone. So today thought this post you will be solving this ghost touch on iPhone 11 Problem.

How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

Possible Reason for Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

There are many possible reasons for the ghost touch problem on iPhone 11 that we are going to talk about in this post. Each and every possible reason have it own solution. So your don’t have to be worried about it. First we will know what are the possible reason for ghost touch problem on iPhone 11 and learn how fix that issues using some few methods. These are the possible reason for ghost touch problem on iPhone 11:-

  • Dusty and oily Screen on phone.
  • The case is not Unsporting on your Phone.
  • Damaged Touch Screen.
  • Outdated IOS Version.
  • Some setting Problem.

How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone 11

After we read what might be the possible reason for ghost touch issues on iPhone 11, now we will be looking forward to the solution to fix this problem with our iPhone. Based on our research and some experiences have found some solution methods to solve this problem on iPhone 11. We humble request your to follow this steps carefully to solve this issues with your iPhone.

Clean Screen

The first solution we can do for ghost touch issues on iPhone 11 is to clean the Screen. In most of people case this problem occurs because of dusty and oily screen. So first, you have to clean your iPhone screen by using soft and dry cloth.

Don’t use a liquid like water or other liquid cleaning things to clean the iPhone screen. This may damage your iPhone screen future more. So, First, turn off your phone and take a dry and soft cloth and start cleaning. After you completed the cleaning screen, check weather the ghost touch is gone or no. If the problem is not solved let’s move to the next methods.

Remove Case

If the case you are using on your iPhone is not matched the shape and size of your iPhone model, This also causes the Ghost touch problem on iPhone. The edge of the case you are using in your iPhone might be interacting or touching with the corner side of your iPhone screen, So you might be facing the Ghost touch problem.

iPhone Case

To check whether the issues are with Case or not, simply remove your phone cache and do a test touch on your iPhone. If everything works normally then the problem was with the Case you were using, Now buy the new Cache which will exactly match with your iPhone model.

Restart iPhone

As you all know, Restarting the phone is also 60% of the problem on phone. So let’s give it a try by restarting your iPhone. If the ghost problem occurred with the phone app or some things else by Phone software then this method might help you to fix the ghost touch problem on your iPhone.

Reset iPhone

The next methods we can do to solve this problem is to Reset our iPhone. Doing the factory reset on our phone will clear every apps, updates and settings. If this problem was because of apps, updates and settings we have changes on iPhone then this problem will be solved.

If you have important document on your iPhone and don’t want to loose it then we can reset setting only so you won’t loose any important documents from your iPhone. To reset setting only on iPhone, Go to Settings->General->Transfer or Reset iPhone->Reset->Reset all Settings. Now your iPhone will be rebooted and it will automatically reset all the setting on your iPhone which may 5-6 minutes.

Update IOS version

The next possible reason for the Ghost touch screen might be because of the outdated IOS version you are using on your iPhone. As you might not know apple keep releasing a new version of IOS, so to be updated you need to update your IOS version. Updating the IOS version might some the Ghost touch problem & other bugs if the problem was with the IOS version you are using.

It is very simple and easy to update the IOS version on any iPhone. To update the ISO version you need to open your settings and go through General->Updates. If the new IOS version and any updated is available then you will see update option, Click on the updated so the iPhone will automatically download the apply the update on your iPhone.

Replace Touch Screen

In the case of many people, the ghost touch problem occurs because of a damaged touch screen, If your Touch Screen is damaged then it can function properly so the circuit and sensor on the touch screen keep functioning on their own.

iPhone Touch Screen
credit:- devsjournal

The possible solution for this problem is to replace your Touch Screen. You can go to a mobile repair shop or iPhone care center to replace your touch screen. If the problem was with the touch screen then your problem will be solved else there is not another option expect contacting Apple Support.

Contact Apple Support

If none of the methods works then the bettor solution for this problem is to contact apple solution. Based on your iPhone module you can contact apple support from there official website or you can directly visit iPhone care center or iPhone store describing the Ghost Touch issues problem on your iPhone brand.

Apple support will help to solve your Ghost issues problem so don’t be shy for contacting them to care for fixing the Ghost touch problem on your iPhone.


Can I Solve Ghost Touch problem on iPhone ?

There are few possible methods that you can apply to solve the Ghost Touch Problem with your iPhone Model.

Does Ghost Touch problem occur only with iPhone?

No, the Ghost touch problem might occur with any brand of mobile phone, But in iPhone, its a common problem and has easy solutions.

What are the possible reason for Ghost Touch in iPhone

There are quit a lot of possible reason for ghost touch problem in phone. You can get both possible reason and methods to solve this issues on this Post.

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