5 ways to Fix Pink Screen On Your Smart TV

Fix Pink Screen On Your Smart TV

Dear friends have you ever faced pink screen issues on your smart TV and looking for the ways to Fix Pink Screen On Your Smart TV ? If you have faced this issues then throughout this articles your will figure out the different ways that your can repair your smart TV at home.

Many people faced this problem with their smart TV. This is a common problem on smart TV and you can fix these issues in your home without paying money to a TV technician. The solution of this problem is same on all the other brands of Smart TV like LG, SAMSUNG, SONY, etc. So you don’t need to worried about this problem the solution of this problem is easy to fix with different methods.

Why is Your Smart TV Screen Pink ?

Turning the Smart TV screen pink is not big problem, its a common issues mostly occur in every brand of TV. There is a lot possible reason for Smart TV screen turning to Full width Pink color.

Most of the time problem might be the problem with a connection issue with the HDMI cable from your device to your TV. In were this is blocking the Output from the Setup box/cable box to the TV where your HDMI cable might be stopped working or something else on the HDMI cable.

There might be the issues with System Setting. You may enable or disable some settings on your TV without knowing the function of the setting. In most cases, this was the main issue of the TV turning to a Pink Screen.

Other issues might occur with your TV like there can an issue with the display panel of the TV or the video processing unit of the TV or the Setup box. Your connection to the TV might not be connected due to a lost of signal, loose connection, or possibly due to software is not updated properly. So from this post, you will learn to fix this problem to solve your smart TV screen Pink problem .

Fix Pink Screen On Your Smart TV

After we checked the possible reason of Pink Screen Issues on our smart TV, Now we will see some steps and possible way to solve pink screen issues on our smart tv and repair it back to normal.

Check weather HDMI Cable is Okay or Not

As we read earlier the main problem with the pink screen might because of the problem with the HDMI cable. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI cable is a proprietary audio/video interface that transmits compressed video and audio from the Setup Box or Cable box to your TV.

So, You need to check whether your HDMI cable is Okay or not. Most of the HDMI cable might be eaten by rat or things else, in things case the HDMI cable can’t process Video to your TV, and its turn into Pink Screen. So you need to check if some of the wire is broken or No.

 HDMI Cable
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The problem might with because of a loose HDMI cable connection, So you have to unplug the HDMI cable and softly clean it with dry clothes. Now turn on the TV, when the TV and Setup box is powered wait 10-15 seconds Plug the HDMI cable in and try to adjust the cable correctly.

If you HDMI cable is not repaired then try replacing HDMI cable or try using the HDMI cable on other TV. If the HDMI cable work on other TV then the problem is not with HDMI cable lets move to next steps.

Turn of Your TV

The next thing you can do is by turning your TV off and turning it On again. This will reset your TV and TV settings and if the problem is with the TV setting this will quickly fixed. In most of case this method works, I hope in your case this methods will also work.

  • Power Down your TV from the Power Source.
  • Keep Pressing on the power button on your TV for 10-20 seconds
  • Wait for 1-2 Minute
  • Power You TV again and Turn it On.

Once you completed this steps, This will reset your TV and TV setting and your TV will restart and the issues with Pink issue might be solved.

Update the TV’s Software

The next possible reason for your Pink screen on your TV might be because of out dated software. If the software on your TV is not updated then the its can’t process the output from setup box or cable box. So it is very important to keep your TV  your TV up-to-date with all the new updates.

The process of updating the TV’s software is quit different in different model of TV. You can get the process of updating the TV software on the Manual book provided by the TV Brand or you can check it on there official website or on YouTube.

But in most of smart TV its similar to update Software, with your TV remote your have to go to Setting->Support->Software Update and click on Update. If the software update is available it will automatic download and install the updates.

Reset the Setup Box or Cable Box

If your smart Tv is connected with the Setup box or Cable box then there are a few possibilities of issues with the Setup Box or Cable Box. This solution might work if you are getting the Pink Screen issues on your Smart TV while connecting through the Setup Box or Cable Box.

Setup Box
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The process to reset Setup box or Cable Box is simple and easy you just need to simply turn your setup box off by pressing its power button or unplug the setup box from the power supply and wait at least 1 – 3 minute and power the setup box back. Now if the pink screen is gone then there was a issues on Setup box else lets move forward to our last steps.

Check the Display Panel

If none of this steps work then there is a issues with the display panel on your TV which causes pink screen. On this case your need to replace the Display Panel with the new Display. This might be little bit costly, You need to contact the display manufacture company to get it replaced or you have to take your TV to the nearest TV repair shop to repair your TV.

Display Panel
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Why is Your Smart TV Screen Pink ?

There is many possible reason for Your Tv screen Pink, In the most of the case it’s usually a connection issue with the HDMI cable from your setup box to your TV.

Can I Solve My Smart TV Screen Pink Issues ?

Yes, If you followed the guides above then there is 91.5% to fix your TV screen Pink Issues, First you need to identify the problem with the TV.

How can I Save My TV from getting Damaged?

It is very important to save and protect tv from getting damaged because TV is costly gadget. You have to clean the dusts on the TV every day, keep your TV at the safe place far way from the kids.

Can a loose HDMI cable cause TV screen pink?

Yes, a loose HDMI cable can cause a TV screen to Pink because the HDMI cable is used to transfer compressed Video/audio from the setup box/cable box to the TV. If your HDMI cable is loose then it can’t transfer compressed Video/audio properly and cause the TV screen to Pink


Theses were the few methods to solve the Pink TV Screen issues, You can try these methods to solve your issues. In most of the case this methods work very well. If none of the methods work then there might be issues with internal hardware in the TV.

So to be away from this kinds of problem your need to keep your TV and Setup box in the safe place and away from the kinds. You have to avoid using the setting on TV which you don’t know or unfamiliar with it. You have to always make your TV neat and clean so the dust won’t affect the TV problems.

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