How To Install Linux to Windows 10 without Admin Password

how to install linux to windows 10 without admin password

How To Install Linux to Windows 10 without Admin Password:- Are you wondering for to install Linux to windows 10 without an admin password, Imagine if you have forget your system password and now you need to install some software or critical app on your system, The pain and load in the brain at this types of time is unforgettable.

It is not easy as you think to install Linux OS on Windows 10 without an admin password like you install other OS. Today with the help of this post you will be installing the Linux OS in your windows 10 OS without an Admin password or Admin Right on easy methods. So we humble request you to follow every step carefully to avoid problems and issues while installing Linux OS.

What is Admin Password ?

Many people don’t know what an admin Password is, An admin password is a password to any Windows account that has administrator-level access on the OS. In many of the latest versions of windows like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7, most of the primary accounts are known as administrator accounts.

Admin Password

While installing any software and critical app on your Windows OS, you need administrator access. The admin password has administrator-level access on windows 10. So admin password is very important in Microsoft windows and you have to remember it.

What to Do without Admin Password when Install Linux on Windows 10?

As many people know that Linux is an Open sourced Operating System that is based on the Linux kernel. Linux is not paid OS, You can download and Linux OS for free. It doesn’t require any License key or subscription to install and run it.

Linux can be easily installed on Mac and Windows OS by bootable media. If you remember your admin password you can easily install Linux OS like other OS but if you forgot your admin password OS then there are a few steps you can use to bypass it to install Linux OS without an admin password.

  •  Remove the admin password access directly.
  • Reset the admin account if you want to retain it.
  • Delete the previous account  windows account and create a new and fresh window account.

Those were the few working steps which will be useful for us while installing Linux on windows OS without admin passwords. These steps might consume your time and you need a little bit effort. Now we will me looking forward the process of installing the Linux OS on Windows 10 without Admin password.

How To Install Linux to Windows 10 without Admin Password

To install the Linux OS in windows without admin rights one of the popular ways is by Bypassing Administrator Restrictions By Creating A New Admin Account in Command Prompt. This method might be tricky for some people because we have to play with some commands on command Prompt.

If you don’t remember you admin password then you might not able to fully access all of your important files and folders. so this method helps to bypass it. Another advantage of this method is that it also helps you even when your user profile has been corrupted. So follow our steps carefully to create a new account on the command prompt.

Advance Repair option windows 10
Image Credits:- Itechguides
  • Boot Your system using bootable windows media.
  • When Install Windows Screen will flash up, Click on Repair Option.
  • After the Repair Option window will open, You will see different menu option. Then go through Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Command Prompt if you are using windows 8,10,11.
  • After the Command Prompt is loaded, You need to enter this commands one by one;-

    copy d: \windows\system32\sethc.exe d: \

copy / y d: \windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

  • After entering the commands, Restart your computer and remove the installation media from your Computer.
  • Once the login screen will open, Press the SHIFT key on your keyword continually 5 times. This will open  Command Prompt, now we will be creating new admin account by typing some commands.

    net user {user_name} /add

net local group administrators {user_name} /add

  • Once the new admin account creation process is done, Reboot your computer and log in with new account.

After completing all these steps, Now we have a new admin account on our Windows OS. So we can easily install Linux OS on our Windows OS from bootable media.

How To Install Linux On Windows 11 & Windows 10 With Admin Rights

Dear friends, Now we learn how can we install Linux On windows 10/ 11 with admin rights. It’s very simple and easy to install Linux on windows 10 or windows 10, Just we need bootable media to boot Linux and install it on windows. Follow the steps given bellow to install Linux on windows OS.

Linux Bootable Screen
image credit:- pling
  • On the search bar, Search Disk Management and open it.
  • Right click on the disk which you want to shrink its Volume.
  • Choose the Amount in MB you like to shrink from it and click on the Shrink button. Now the Shrink process will start.
  • Download the Linux OS IOS from its official website you like to install.
  • Plug your USB/Pen drive in USB port which you want to make bootable.
  • Download Rufus and open it.
  • On the Rufus Software import the IOS file you have downloaded and Choose the USB and Click Start. Now the process will take some time and it will make our USB Bootable.
  • Plug your Bootable USB in USB port and Now go to Start and hold down the Shift key while pressing the Restart button on start menu.
  • Select Use a Device. Find your device in the list. Now Your computer will now boot Linux,
  • Install Linux and Enjoy


Can I Install Linux Without A Password?

Yes, You can install Linux without a passwords, You need to create a new admin account through the Command Prompt and remember the password.

How can I open Command Prompt on Windows 7 ?

To open Command prompt on windows 7, You have to go through System Recovery Options and you will see Command Prompt in System Recovery Option.

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