How to make a stolen laptop untraceable in 2022

How to make a stolen laptop untraceable

How to make a stolen laptop untraceable:- Dear friends if are black market seller and your business is to sell the stolen laptops on market at very cheap price but you are being keep tracked by the product owner then this post you help you to save your life from it.

Buying and selling stolen laptops on the black market at a cheap price is an illegal business. We don’t promote any kind of illegal business through our articles. We are just trying to share our knowledge to make a stolen laptop untraceable.

A lot of unauthorized people buy laptops in bulk on the black market at a low price and they sell these types of laptops at the market rate for different people. Black Market is a place where stolen gadgets, products, etc. are sold at low prices. Black market are present in every country.

If your laptop is untraceable or anyhow you make your laptop untraceable which there steps where are bought from the Black market then this will be profitable and valuable for you. If the laptop is tracked by original owner then hey can take you down so when buying laptops on black market you have to apply this steps to make your laptops untraceable.

Windows laptops can easily be made untraceable because they are vulnerable  OS. But if you got MacBook then this is not any way to make it untraceable because all the data on MacBook is stored on secure place on cloud so it can be easily tracked by owners.

How to make a stolen laptop untraceable (Best Ways).

There are lots of ways people share the way to make laptops untraceable but most of these steps don’t work, it’s just a waste of time. So you have follow only the good steps to make your laptops untraceable by owners.

The owner of the laptops can easily trace MacBooks so if you planning to buy laptops on Black-market then buying windows laptops will be more worthwhile, safe, and value able to you because they can be easily made untraceable.

Today we have collected some working steps to make your laptop untraceable. So are reading these articles we hope you could make your laptop untraceable and can use it safely without being worried.

You would need some safety things while performing this steps. Make sure your have good internet connection, You have to use paid VPN or HTTP5 Proxy to make sure your IP address won’t be traced.

Install new Operating System.

One of the first and best things to do make stolen laptop untraceable is to install a new Operating System on it. While installing the New Operating System you have clear all the drives, which will delete all the stored data, setting, software from the laptops.

Operating System
Image Credit: wikiGain

This will make to GPS on the laptops change to a new location and all the internet settings will be reset so the System will stop interacting will the cloud connecting devices.

While installing new Operating System of Stolen Laptop You have to follow some guides:-

  • Install Different Operating System (If first Operating System Windows 10, install Linux Operating System)
  • Use USB to install Operating System.
  • Formant All the Drive to install new OS.
  • Don’t use the Same Laptop to download OS IOS file.
  • Don’t use internet connection while installing OS.
  • Follow all the Instruction form OS Setup and Install OS.

Encoding Keystroke

This is the most important this that you have to do on stolen laptops to make them untraceable. By encoding keystroke all of your personal information and data will be private. You can use a popular software Key scrambler to encode your keystroke safely.

Keystroke includes  all all personal information on the laptops like, Logs, Passwords, IP address, Location, Mac address, ISP provider info, history, website your visited included your finance information, if you entered or kept. So it is important to encode Keystroke on the stolen laptop to make it untraceable.

 Disable Anti-theft setting.

Disable anit-theft setting is an awesome and smart methods of preventing the stolen laptops from being tracked. If none of the methods works then you disabling the anti-theft setting might be a great and helpful methods for your.

An anti-theft system simply protects data against unauthorized access and helps locate the device if it is lost or stolen. The owner of the laptops can send commands to the device remotely via My Kaspersky so he/she can easily detect your and your location. So you have to disable it so the owner can’t remotely send a command to the laptop and he/she won’t clarify whether the laptop was lost or stolen.

BIOS windows
Image Credit:- HP

You can only Disable this feature on the BIOS setting on some of the laptops model it is know as a “I’ll AT”. This is also hard and tricky task for beginner because you have to play with BIOS system. If you motherboard BIOS is protected with Password then you have to use  motherboard jumper to reset. Now you will have full access to BIOS setting. Once you enter to BIOS setting, Remove the soldered networking chips and BIOS battery, Now you need to wait at least 20-25 seconds and plug them back. Now you done disable anit-theft setting.

In many of the people case this steps has worked but if this stops doesn’t work then your luck is not with you, You need to figure our next way to prevent laptops from tracking. So lets jump to the next methods.

Use Strong Password.

If the owner of the laptop is a programmer or he/she hired a programmer then the stolen laptops have a chance of remote access. so if you are not using a storage password then a programmer or hacker can easily access on laptop and find your location. So one of the easiest way to save stolen laptop from untraceable is by using a strong password in it.

Strong Password
Image Credit:- myrepublica

Important Tips to make strong Password.

  • Your Password must be 8 Character long.
  • You Password should Included Number, Letters and special characters.
  • You Password should have 1 Letter Capital.
  • Never use personal informant as password.
  • Never use same password that you frequently use in different platform.

Use a robust antivirus.

Even by the tiny carelessness you may get into a big trouble about getting the exposed about the stolen laptops. So to be prevent from getting exposed you have to setup robust antivirus software in your laptops.

 robust antivirus
image Credit:- safetydetectives

There are a lot of robust antivirus software like Avast, AVG, Norton, etc., This kinds of software will save your from virus and data injunct from getting exposed and danger. This kinds of software are available for free use also, But you have to go with paid version to be more safe and secure.

Switch to Windows user from Mac.

As we mentioned earlier in this post, Windows on is vulnerable  so it can easily be made untraceable but you can’t make MacOS untraceable. So while buying laptops form black market or unauthorize person you should buy windows laptops.

Switch to Windows user from Mac.
Image Credit:- plainenglish

MacOS are connected with cloud, So the owner can easily trace you and your location. No one can’t render MacOS to make it untraceable. So we  suggested you to buy windows laptops when buying laptops from Black-market to to safe and secure.


Can Stolen Laptops Can Be Trace ?

Yes, Stolen Laptops can be easily traced if you have not applied to follow methods in the article. The owner of the laptop has full power and authority to trace the laptop.

Is stolen Laptops legal to Buy?

No, Stolen laptops are not legal to buy. It’s a kind of illegal product sold on the Dark web, Black Market, or by an unauthorized person. If the owner of the laptop traces you then you may go to jail and be fined some money so stolen laptops are not legal to buy.

Can a laptop be tracked using a serial number?

Yes, laptops can be tracked using a serial number but its not easy as your think. Only experiences person can track laptops using serial number .

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