How to Stake LUNC (LUNA Classic)

How to Stake LUNC

The crash of LUNC in May 2022 socked the whole crypto industry and it is one of the biggest crashes in the Crypto Industry. If you were also affected by the Luna crash then you may have lost hug amounts on money on the LUNC crash.

On May 2022, The billion dollar Market cap holding crypto LUNA were down around -100% in a single weeks because of Terra’s native token which support the price of UST, Which is known as the largest algorithmic stable coin in the world also almost reached zero in a single week.

To recover the loss of people from LUNC, The creator and founder of Terra Do Kwon announced the Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 after the LUNC was crashed around -100%. After to the plan released by the founder, they lunched the brand-new Terra blockchain on  May 28, 2022.

If you are still holding LUNC then you can stake them to make good amount of passive income daily, Today we are going to teach you through this post how can you stake LUNC to make good passive Income. If you haven’t staked your LUNC then you should use LUNC to make money online.

What is Crypto Staking

Most the people mightn’t know about Crypto Staking but don’t worry it is very easy and simple to understandable the term Crypto Staking. As there is lot of things in Crypto where Staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Tokens and Crypto Coins What Drives Performance
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Most of the crypto supports staking like Ethereum, Tezos, Cosmos, Solana etc. where You can “stake” some of your holdings and earn  a percentage-rate reward over time. The main reason why your crypto earns rewards while it is being staked is because the blockchain puts your stake crypto to work.

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How to stake LUNC

It is very simple and easy to Stake LUNC to make a good passive income online on Crypto Space, Even beginner can also learn how to stake LUNC from this guide, So we request you to follow our guide properly so you will be able to stake your LUNC in correct way.

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After the Terra Founder lunched new Terra Blockchain with the native token LUNC, around 6.3 Billions of LUNC were staked on terra Blockchain, Which is around $14,12,011.36 as per the date of publishing this post. To stake your LUNC follow this steps listed bellow:-

  • First Visit Terra Station from here
  • Once the website is loaded, You can see the Connect Button on the right side of Header. You can click the connect wallet button to connect you terra Wallet where you are holding LUNC.
  • Once your wallet is connected to Terra Station, Choose any one of the several validators listed on the stake page.
  • When you have chosen the validator, now you can click on “Delegate” to continue the process.
  • Now you need to Type the amount of LUNC that you would like to stake .
  • After you have choose the amount of LUNC, You can click the submit button to Confirm the transaction.


That was the full steps to stake LUNC on terra blockchain, We hope this steps will help you to stake your LUNC on terra Blockchain to make you passive income. If you faced any problem on LUNC then you can go to terra forum or community so the terra admins or validators will help you from problems.


Where to stake Lunc

If you are looking to stake LUNC, Then you can stake your LUNC from terra station. Terra Station is the official place to stake LUNC to make Passive income.

How to stake Lunc

It is very easy to stake LUNC, To stake LUNC you need to visit Terra station, then connect your wallet to terra station and follow the process mention above.

How much can I earn by staking Lunc

The Stake return amount of Lunc is 14.75% as yearly and 0.04% daily, where if you stake $100 in LUNC then you can earn $0.04 / daily or $14.75 / year