How to Uninstall Faceit from computer (Windows 10 and Mac)

Uninstall Faceit from computer

Are are wondering to to uninstall Faceit from Computer then today from this post you will learn how can you uninstall Faceit from Windows and Mac Operating System. As you may know FACEIT Anti-Cheat cannot be uninstalled on computer without compromising the ability to participate in FACEIT games and tournaments.

Just deleting the Software file of Faceit don’t remove it from you computer, You need do some extra steps to completely remove Faceit from you computer. Its very simple and easy to completely uninstall Faceit from computer in just few simple steps. Today form this post your will learn how can you completely uninstall faceit form your computer so follow the each and every steps carefully.

What is Faceit

Some of the people may not know what FACEIT is, FACEIT is an ESports platform which was founded in London in 2012 and On 2022 it is merged with with ESL Gaming platform. FACEIT is one of the most popular ESports gaming platform in the world. Where many of the people comes to play Esports games and tournaments like:- Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Rocket League, Krunker, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege etc.

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After the merge of FACEIT with ESL Gaming, Both companies are set to become ESL FACEIT after being acquired by Savvy Gaming Group. Savvy Gaming Group is owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment fund. As there are no known privacy invasions on the FACEIT, the Saudi acquisition of FACEIT has prompted many users to uninstall the services from their System because of concerns about data security and freedom of speech.

To play the game on FACEIT, The FACEIT Anti-Cheat Client is required. FACEIT provides a proprietary Anti-Cheat client which helps to protect the tournaments on the games from cheaters, and hackers, and helps to track players’ behavior over time. If the  Anti-Cheat is uninstalled or disabled on your system, FACEIT will automatically alert you to install or activate the Anti-Cheat Client while you open the platform to play a game. So Anti-Cheat Client is required to play games and tournaments on Faceit without it Faceit won’t let you play games or tournaments on the Platform.

How to Uninstall FACEIT from Computer (Windows 10)

It is very simple and easy to uninstall FACEIT from your windows system. As we talk before deleting the software file won’t completely uninstall FACEIT from your computer on Windows so we need to follow some of the methods and steps to completely remove it from our system. These steps are not so hard just we need to uninstall it with Control Panel and Delete lingering files of the software from the registry, So we help you follow the each and every steps correctly to uninstall the FACEIT from you Windows Operating System.

Uninstall FACEIT from Windows
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  • Open the Control Panel, To open the Control Panel type Control Panel on the search box in the Taskbar and after the search result is loaded Open the Control Panel by Clicking it.
  • Once the Control Panel window is loaded. You can see the many option there, Click on the Programs and Features menu.
  • After you clicked on Programs and Features, A Program and Feature windows will open where you can see all the installed programs on your pc.
  • Now on the Program and Feature list we need to search for the FACEIT, Keep scrolling until you see the FACEIT software listed on the list.
  • Once you find the FACEIT Program in the list, Click on FACEIT and click on the Uninstall Button on the Top Bar.
  • When you click on the uninstall button Windows will open the FACEIT uninstaller and take you though its uninstallation process and complete the uninstall Process.
  • After the Uninstall process will be completed, You need to restart your System to remove any lingering files of FACIT from you Computer
  • Once the Restart Process will be completed, All the associated files and FACEIT will be removed from you system.
  • After uninstall the software from Control Panel there might be some lingering files of FACEIT still left on your Computer so to remove them, Open registry by typing regedit on Run.
  • After the registry windows will open go thorough KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Service.
  • If you find FACEIT on the list, Select it and click right mouse button and delete it.
  • Now close the registry and restart your system. Now FACEIT is Completely removed from your Windows System Computer.

How to Uninstall FACEIT From Computer (Mac)

The process to delete the software is very different than Windows OS, Now we will see how can we completely remove FACEIT from our Mac OS. This step is also very simple and easy so follow the steps correctly to remove FACEIT from your MAC OS.

  • First open the Finder Icons on your Mac back Task bar which is mostly located on the left start.
  • After the Finder Page will open, Click on the Applications menu which is located on the left sidebar.
  • Once the Application Page will open, You can see all the list of installed apps & software on your MacBook
  • Find the FACEIT from the list when you find FACEIT drag it to Trash.
  • Now once the FACEIT will be moved to Trash, Empty Trash the Trash.
  • FACEIT will be Completely removed from your Mac OS.

What is Faceit

FACEIT is an ESports platform which was founded in London in 2012 and On 2022 it is merged with with ESL Gaming platform

Is faceit a legit

Yes faceit is a Legit gaming Platform that was founded on London in 2012, it’s legit to log into steam and play in it.

is faceit free

The Faceit services and game are free to use, but a premium account with a paid subscription can offer benefits that make the game even more enjoyable.

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