Twitter introduces multi-colored check marks on Twitter

December 13, 2022

Story: Jai Pratap

Elon Musk has rolled out different colored checkmarks for different users on Twitter.

Blue checkmarks going forward will mean different things on Twitter- legacy verified accounts of politicians, celebrities, and verified accounts pre-Musk era.

Blue check mark can also mean that the person has subscribed to Twitter Blue. The only way to figure it out is by clicking on the verified mark.

Gold check mark will represent a Twitter account that belongs to a company or an organization.

Twitter is also working on a Twitter Blue for businesses so companies can apply to get a checkmark.

Gray mark will represent profiles from governments, political parties, media houses, and brands. It can exist alongside a blue or a gold checkmark.

Twitter will also show different labels and badges to different Twitter accounts, including podium icon and flag icon.