November 21, 2022

After SBF, BitBoy Makes Kevin O'Leary His Next Target

After slamming SBF over FTX collapse, Ben Armstrong aka BitBoy has shifted his target to Shark Tank's chief Kevin O'Leary.

Not a single name including people associated with promotional and sponsorship activities of FTX has said anything about SBF, BitBoy said in one of his YouTube video.

Kevin O'Leary has said positive things about SBF, and this is like Joe Paterno defendinng Jerry Sandusky, BitBoyt alleged.

What Jerry did as a pedphile, as child predator, SBF did the same as a financial predator, he also said.

Jerry created a non profit for the sole purpose of isolating and molesting children, while SBF created FTX solely as a functional casino for Alameda to dip into customer funds, BitBoy said.

BitBoy said Leary has the audacity to come out and defend him so it seemed rational to him.

After revealing evidence of SBF manipulating the crypto market for a further dip, BitBoy had earlier called SBF a criminal and and also expressed his desire to send SBF to prison.