Alameda Linked Wallets Continue To Dump Crypto

December 28, 2022

Story: Jai Pratap

Alameda Research linked wallets swapped several crypto tokens for ether and USDT Wednesday.

These wallets later swapped Ether and USDT to bitcoin, Etherscan data shows.

SBF’s Alameda-linked wallets sold Lido, Polygon, Uniswap and other tokens for ether and USDT before bridging to the Bitcoin network.

Four Alameda wallets currently hold $800,000 worth of bitcoins.

These wallets only started moving funds days after SBF got released on bail in the United States.

Alameda wallets are using mixers FixedFloat and ChangeNow to swap these altcoins to bitcoin.

Elon Musk reacted to the news with just an exclamation mark in a tweet.