Mark Cuban Makes Fun of

Elon’s Twitter

December 06, 2022 Story-Divya Sinha

Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to President Trump, said to

Mark Cuban that there would be no democracy if dissenting voices could not access the same platform as everyone else.

Responding to this, Cuban replied saying it is wrong as no one loses access to the platform and the only thing you lose is posting to followers.

He detailed that there are an unlimited number of platforms to post on.

And also suggests that if one makes their account private, then they can protect it.

Also, on account suspension, he said that there is only one person in reality that decides who is naughty or nice.

He mocks Elon Musk saying, Twitter is the key to democracy when we know it’s run by one guy who makes all the decisions.

And he detailed it saying it’s like “the King telling everyone what the monthly tax is to speak up if you pay you can be heard. If not. Not.”