Crypto Slangs You Need To Know

December 21, 2022

Story: Divya Sinha

FUD - This refers to Fear, uncertainty and doubt in the crypto market. 

HODL - HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold". It was later made to "Hold on for dear life” which means to hold the crypto when the price fluctuates.

Moon - It is when the price of a cryptocurrency is soaring or skyrocketing.

Whale - Crypto whale is a person or group that owns a majority of cryptocurrencies. Whales can also influence the price of cryptocurrencies by buying and selling coins quickly.

BTD - It stands for “buy the dip” and means taking the opportunity to buy more crypto while they're experiencing a price dip.

DYOR - It refers to "do your own research". It is often used in cryptocurrencies to remind investors to make sure they are investing.

NGMI - This stands for ‘not gonna make it.’ In crypto, it is often used as a predictor of future failure due to bad decisions.