Michael Burry Returns To Twitter

December 14, 2022

Story - Jai Pratap

Famous for shorting the 2007-08 housing mortgage crisis in the US and making billions, Michael Burry returned to Twitter.

As reported earlier, Michael Burry had deleted his Twitter account last week after Tweeting that he trusts Elon Musk.

Burry, who often tweets about his opinions on the market, is known for deleting his tweets shortly after putting them out.

Burry tweeted that every time he leaves Twitter, it is because he was canceled in a significant professional or personal way.

He revealed he took time off from Twitter to reflect.

“What is noteworthy is cancellers never see themselves that way. No, theirs are moral grounds apparently much, much higher than mine,” Burry added.

Burry had promised to not leave Twitter last week.