Mark Cuban

Thanked Twitter Owner Elon Musk

For Removing Bots November 10, 2022

American billionaire Mark Cuban thanked

Elon Musk

and Jason Calacanis in a tweet.

Cuban tweeted, “I have definitely noticed

a decline in all the crypto bots auto

replying to my posts.”

He quote retweeted in which he revealed having

one burner account on Twitter

which he uses actively.

He detailed that his burner account has zero followers and he has

bought the blue check for the same.

In addition to it, he tweeted, “But now

I can enjoy ripping

on you all and showing up as verified in your mentions”.

He tweeted about blue checks that, "when it came to hate/trolls, it was rare from blue checks. But when it happened the

engagement was epic".


Elon Musk tweeted

“Please note that Twitter will do lots of dumb things in coming months”.