Billionaire Paul Graham Calls Out Vitalik

November 21, 2022

Vitalik had earlier put out a cryptic tweet saying “something important is about to happen,” which seemed like a subtweet to Paul Graham’s tweet.

The prominent venture capitalist had earlier tweeted that the crypto economy was about to experience "a systemic risk" based on information that he had heard from a trustworthy person.

Vitalik seemed to be mocking him in his cryptic tweet.

Paul replied to Vitalik’s tweet saying, “That's an a****le thing to say. I didn't pass on that message to look cool. I passed it on, with some reluctance, because the guy who wrote it asked me to.”

Vitalik clarified that he was not subtweeting him, but was calling out a general pattern on CT I've found insufferable over the past week.

Ethereum founder further clarified that crypto space has *a big history* of people using rumors as a way to induce price movements.

“Not your intent, but still, I don't want to even create space for that,” Vitalike Buterin responded to Paul Graham.