Binance CEO CZ Never Directly Talked To Dow Kwon

November 28, 2022

Replying to a Tweet about Binance CEO could have warned about Terra LUNA collapse like FTX, CZ said he never directly talked to Do Kwon.

CZ clarified that to the best of his memory, he never talked with Do Kwon directly.

A Twitter user had accused Binance CEO must have talked with Do Kwon and he did not warn the crypto community about the infamous collapse.

Binance CEO said that he never talked with Do Kwon directly or in a conference call.

However, Binance team communicated with Terra team during the time of crisis.

Binance CEO had tweeted earlier this month about how Binance is going to sell around $500 million FTT tokens, which caused a widespread panic.

Several took Binance CEO’s tweet as a warning against FTX, which saved them from going down with the exchange.