Justin Sun

Not Ruling Out The Possibility of Acquiring FTX

November 11, 2022

In an interview with Bloomberg,

Justin Sun

was asked if he is ready to provide liquidity to FTX.

Justin Sun said they will take care of their customers first, then will proceed with what can be done. 

Justin added that they will be doing full due diligence before going ahead with providing liquidity to the troubled exchange.

Huobi advisor did not quote a figure on how much they are willing to provide to FTX, though he admitted that it would be in billions.

Talking about FTX’s assets being frozen in the Bahamas, Justin Sun said they are willing to include regulators into the conversation.

When asked what happens if FTX goes under, Justin Sun said it will have a big impact on the industry overall. 

Currently, FTX is allowing withdrawals in TRX and other TRON tokens on its platform.