December 16, 2022

Binance Customers

Relieved As Jim Cramer Warns Against Exchange Story- Divya Sinha

CNBC's Jim Cramer said that he doesn’t trust Binance with his money.

He tweeted that he would trust his money more in Draftkings than he would Binance.

Recently, Binance experienced a large spike in customer withdrawals and due to this crypto community fears another massive crash.

A Twitter user jokingly commented on this saying that “Funds are safu. Draftkings upgraded to a sell.”

Opposite to his current tweet, Cramer earlier tweeted asking his followers “Do you feel as reassured by Binance as I do?”.

Replying to this, Binance CEO CZ sarcastically said Jim to not use Binance for the shake of everyone else and added “half-joking”.

Earlier, Cramer said that he expects names like XRP, DOGE, Cardano and Polygon may drop further and reach zero.