Crypto Community Is Not Buying SBF's Justification Over FTX Collapse

December 1, 2022

Since the former FTX Chief spoke with NYT journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin about the fall of FTX, the responses of angered Twitter crypto community have been doing rounds on Twitter.

During the interview, SBF reiterated his claim that FTX US is fully funded and could begin withdrawals today.

“SBF should be sitting in a jail right now, but instead he is giving an interview on the New York Times Dealbook summit,” a twitter user Carl Menger tweeted.

Sharing the video of NYT interview with SBF, Crypto influencer tweeted that this man is a psychopath criminal who just lied for an hour straight.

If you were in the audience and clapped for a guy that stole billions of dollars from honest hard-working people you might be both a moron and an asshole, XRP lawyer John Deaton tweeted.

Mocking at SBF’s participation in NYT conference, a user @coryklippsten suggested it was a collection of unsavory characters—including Jeffrey Epstein, Osama Bin Laden, and Voldemort.

Sharing the video of SBF interview, the founder of Digital Perspective tweeted that imagine Sorkin interviewing Bernie Madoff. Wonder if they drank warm milk together after?