UK Police Burst Crypto Scam In Anti-Fraud Operation

November 25, 2022

Over 100 people have been arrested after UK Police took down a fraud website called iSpoof

As per the London Police, the fraud website iSpoof was dismantled after earning scammers over $3.9 million.

Tracing bitcoin records, which was used to pay for iSpoof’s services, allowed the Cyber Crime Unit to narrow down suspects.

As per the reports, over the course of this week, around 70,000 UK phone numbers targeted by criminals will be alerted by the Met Police via text message

According to the Metropolitan Police, more than 200,000 potential victims in the UK alone were directly targeted through the fraud website iSpoof, which helped scammers steal using fake bank phone calls.

iSpoof allowed scammers to pose as officials from banks such as Barclays, Santander, HSBC, Lloyds, Halifax, First Direct, Natwest, Nationwide and TSB.

Criminals paid for the service in bitcoin, according to the police report.