Cyber Attack at Delhi AIIMS, Hackers Demand Rs 200 Crore In Crypto

November 29, 2022

Hackers have allegedly demanded Rs 200 crore in cryptocurrency from Delhi AIIMS, whose server has been down for six days in a row.

The cyber-attack led to the compromise of 3-4 crore patients’ personal details from name, address to bank account number.

Delhi Police suspect a terror angle and foreign conspiracy behind the cyber-attack on the country's premier medical institution.

Every year, around 38 lakh patients get treated at AIIMS which means the details of crores of patients, top political leaders, bureaucrats and judges are on risk.

The hospital continues to work in manual mode for a week now.

Thus, the patients rush has increased as online appointment is not working.

Internet services are likely to remain suspended as the investigation agencies want a thorough cleanse.