Elon Musk Hits Out At SBF, Alleges he Was Bribing Media

November 24, 2022

Twitter CEO Elon Musk took a jibe at FTX Chief, alleging FTX would still be solvent if SBF was as good at running a crypto exchange as he was at bribing media.

Musk was responding to an earlier tweet that asked whether SBF will be able to continue funding media outlets after it filed for bankruptcy on November 11.

On Wednesday, Musk tweeted that FTX would still be ok if SBF was as good at leadership as at bribing media.

"I did not take the money. SBF/FTX do not own shares in Twitter,", he wrote in his tweet.

On November 12, Puck's Teddy Schleifer tweeted a list of media outlets that SBF previously funded — including Vox and Semafor — and questioned whether SBF will continue funding media going forward.

Musk had claimed that SBF is an investor in Semafor, the news publication which first published the report on Tuesday.

Since Wednesday, Musk and Ben Smith, the editor-in-chief of Semafor, have been locking horns on Twitter over the authenticity of the report.