Elon Musk Says He Had No Suicidal Thoughts

December 5, 2022

Twitter's new Chief Elon Musk has assured that he had no suicidal thoughts despite questions about the billionaire's mental state and safety.

On Saturday, Musk attended a Twitter Space Q&A session with more than 100,000 listeners.

In the Twitter space, he gave a clear no to the suicidal thoughts when he was asked by one of the Twitter space listeners that if he had suicidal thoughts.

In response to one of the listener's question, Musk said he does not have any suicidal thoughts, if he committed suicide, it's not real.

According to Twitter, 1.8 million total tuned in to the Twitter Space interview.

Speculation about Musk's safety and mental state comes amid the free speech absolutist's promises to expose Twitter's free speech suppression.

Elon Musk had received threats for releasing Twitter Files