Elon Musk To Take On Mainstream Media

December 28, 2022

Story: Jai Pratap

In a recent Tweet, tech billionaire expressed willingness to acquire Substack to take on mainstream media.

Substack allows independent writers and podcasters publish directly to their audience and get paid through subscriptions.

Musk had earlier questioned why is corporate journalism rushing to defend the state instead of the people?

The tech billionaire, who recently lost the title of the world’s richest person, has been an open critic of mainstream journalism for some time.

Musk did not hesitate from calling out the New York Times for publishing “puff pieces” on FTX founder SBF.

Tesla and Twitter chief has also called out Wall Street Journal for poor journalism.

Elon Musk has been paying a heavy price for acquiring Twitter as Tesla shares are down nearly 53% in the last six months.