After Twitter Outage, Musk

Assures Users

December 29, 2022 Story - Divya Sinha

On Wednesday, Elon's Twitter suffered a massive outage, preventing thousands of users worldwide from accessing or using its key feature.

Some users complained of problems logging in or accessing their accounts, whereas some told that their timelines did not update.

According to Downdetector, at the peak of the disruption, over 10,000 users from the US, about 2,500 from Japan, and 2,500 from the UK were affected.

Most reports were from users saying they are having technical problems accessing social networks from their web browsers.

However, a few users indicated that this issue affected mobile apps and functionality such as notifications.

Musk later tweeted that significant backend server architecture changes had been rolled out.

Also, Musk added that Twitter should feel faster.