Elon Musk Responds To Ye’s Racist Comments

December 05, 2022

Story - Jai Pratap

Last week, Elon Musk suspended Ye’s twitter account after he posted anti-semetic comments and pictures.

Musk reasoned that Ye violated Twitter’s rules against incitement of violence.

Now Kanye took to Instagram to make racist comments targeting Musk, calling him “half Chinese.”

Though Musk did not take the comments seriously and replied with “Lmaooo” under the screenshots of Ye’s comments  circling on Twitter.

Replying to Ye’s comments that Elon Musk is a half Chinese “genetic hybrid,” the tech billionaire wrote, “I take that as a compliment!”

Kanye had posted a picture of Elon Musk as his last tweet before getting suspended on the platform.

Musk and Ye West were friends before this incident as the former had supported him during the 2020 US elections.