Elon Musk Calls Out Apple For Censoring Twitter

November 26, 2022

In a series of Tweets, Elon Musk called out Apple for threatening to remove Twitter from their App Store.

Elon said that Apple threatened to withhold Twitter from their App Store without giving them a reason.

Apple and Google both take nearly 30% commission on every in-app purchase.

Musk also hinted that Apple is asking Twitter to make content moderation on its platform.

Elon Musk also posted a meme which he later deleted about how he is ready to “go to war” with Apple.

Earlier, Musk tweeted that Apple has almost stopped advertising on Twitter, accusing the company of hating free speech. Musk also tagged Tim Cook in a tweet.

It is also being accused that Apple is acting out on Democrats’ instructions as Apple is a huge donor to the political party that Elon Musk does not like.