Vitalik Buterin Says Elon's Twitter Is on

“Path to Authoritarianism”

December 17, 2022 Story: Divya Sinha

Recently Twitter blocked tweets containing links to the competing social media platform Mastodon.

To this, Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin shared a screenshot of him not able to post the Mastodon link from his Twitter account.

In addition to it, Vitalik wrote, “This is really bad imo”.

Vitalik responded to David Sacks’ tweet who tweeted about Elon’s content moderation decision and asked him about the problem.

Vitalik replied to this by saying the problem is the way in which the policies were introduced and detailed “central planning as overfitting”.

He suggested that good policy should be decided behind the veil of ignorance first, and applied second.

Furthermore, he added, when it comes to bans, quick and decisive action in response to the catalyst is the path to authoritarianism.