Third Party Tool Denies Role In Elon Musk's Twitter Degradation Claim

November 28 2022

Engineers of CommanderRoot, Twitter’s third-party tool that uses to block accounts, have called out Twitter new boss Elon Musk for disabling an old tool.

In response to Musk’s tweet, the third-party tool engineers said his tool would have used and respected rate limits if Twitter would return them like they do on most of their other endpoints.

It would have also been nice if Twitter reached out instead of just fully disabling it, Twitter tech support said in its tweet.

After a few users reported that they were not able to block accounts, Musk on Monday claimed Twitter’s slight degradation due to an old "3rd party tool" which has now been fixed.

In his tweet, Musk said Twitter experienced slight degradation of service today from an old 3rd party tool used to block accounts that had no rate limit. Should be fixed now.

Rate Limiting, a way to detect bots or even spammers, helps detect online property misuse by users, bots, or even applications.

Before Twitter takeover, Musk believed that dealing with excessive use of bots on twitter was the main challenges and that’s why he was thinking to leave the $44 billion Twitter deal.