December 1 2022

Top EU Official Warns Elon Musk To Keep Putin Propaganda Off Twitter

In an interview with Bloomberg, European Commission Vice President Vera Jourova warned that Elon Musk risks helping Russian President Putin in the war.

According to Jourova, cutting Twitter staff prevents the social media platform from rooting out propaganda about the war in Ukraine.

EU officials said that by not acting actively against the propaganda, then you are actively supporting the war.

“This would be a very tricky and maybe dangerous endeavor or adventure for Mr. Musk,” she added.

The EU official said that if the network is easily used by Russian propaganda, then you are very probably breaching the rules of sanctions.

Jourova warned the billionaire that he shouldn’t underestimate the EU and the hefty sanctions Twitter could eventually face if it fails to abide by the bloc’s EU rules.

Twitter could face fines up to 6% of its annual global sales under the new EU laws.