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Tiffany Fong

Met SBF At His House Story- Jai Pratap December 29, 2022

Famous Crypto Influencer Tiffany Fong revealed in a tweet that she paid SBF a visit ahead of his trial for multiple fraud charges.

Tiffany Fong revealed that SBF seemed surprisingly optimistic in demeanor under house arrest.

SBF is currently staying with his parents in Stanford, California with a monitor on his ankle.

Image: David G. McIntyre

SBF is all set to plea in the massive fraud case next week in the US court.

Image: David G. McIntyre

When the crypto community asked Fong about SBF, she said he doesn’t seem to want to talk too much about worst case scenarios.

If charges are proven against SBF, he might face prisonment of up to 115 years.

Under house arrest, SBF has to wear an electronic ankle monitor. He is allowed to leave home to exercise and seek mental health and substance abuse treatment.