SBF Replies To 3AC Co Founder’s Allegations

December 09,  2022

Story - Jai Pratap

Three Arrows Capital co-founder Zhu Su tweeted that major media houses squashed reports that targeted SBF and FTX.

Zhu Su further wrote that it is sad given how long crypto society and media let his charade go on.

SBF replied to Zhu Su saying, he made a lot of mistakes this year, but it wasn’t one of them.

SBF added that there's no evidence, because it didn't happen.  Please, please, focus on your own house.

SBF was supposed to appear in front of the US Congress to explain the FTX fiasco, but his lawyers failed to respond.

SBF had earlier tweeted that he won’t be testifying on 13th December but he will appear when he is done reviewing the entire situation.

Former FTX CEO has hired the lawyer that defended Ghislaine Maxwell last year.