Former Alameda CEO's Tumblr Blog Goes Viral, 

Here's Why

November 16, 2022

Former Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison Tumblr blog has gone viral on Twitter amid mind-boggling FTX collapse.

Posts from a since-deleted Tumblr blog linked to Ellison has revealed the FTX-affiliated executive’s controversial views on race science and polyamory

The account, active from 2014 until its deletion on Sunday, went by the name of Fake Charity Nerd Girl and the handle worldoptimization. 

The personal details revealed by the account’s author over its eight years of activity—including educational history, professional history, and living history—match up perfectly with Ellison’s biography. 

Further, when the account’s author announced they opened a Twitter account in March 2021, they linked to Ellison’s Twitter page, which was created the same month.

Reports claimed that FTX Chief SBF has lived with nine other colleagues in a $30 million penthouse in The Bahamas. 

Several reports characterized the group as a polycule.