No Hope

Left in FTX Customers

November 21, 2022

Customers of the

crypto exchange FTX

are losing hope of getting their money back.

Earlier this month,

FTX paused customer withdrawals

at its international unit.

“My blood is boiling,"

said Matthew Way, a fundraiser for an Illinois orchestra has put about $1,800 into FTX, WSJ reported.

American customers hoped to be luckier, but many of them were

unable to withdraw

their money.

There is

no confirmation

about where the money is and when it will arrive.

On November 11 , FTX and its affiliates filed for bankruptcy after SBF resigned from his CEO position.

Company’s new CEO, John J. Ray said in the court filing that

“only a fraction"

of FTX’s digital assets have been located and secured.