FTX Executive Offered Taylor Swift $100M Brand Endorsement Deal

December 8, 2022

Story: Mohd Javed

A new Financial Times report claimed that American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift was allegedly pushed by the FTX executive to promote the exchange.

The FTX employee had offered more than $100 million to the globally popular singer for the brand endorsement.

Swift is a famous American singer with a number of platinum-certified albums under her wing.

“FTX held talks with Taylor Swift over $100mn sponsorship deal” the FT report said.

Report also claimed that Taylor would not, and did not, agree to an endorsement deal, which was reportedly schedule to end this spring.

FTX’s business development division lead Claire Watanabe was the one who pushed for the Swift sponsorship deal with FTX.

Several popular celebrities including Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen, William Trevor Lawrence, Kevin O’Leary, Naomi Osaka and Stephen Curry have been named in a lawsuit for allegedly misleading investors.