December 05 2022

Twitter Co-Founder Slams Elon Musk

Story - Jai Pratap

Co-founder of Twitter and Medium, Biz Stone, tweeted without naming the tech billionaire that he is not a serious person.

He does things for sport that have serious consequences for real people, Stone tweeted.

Twitter co-founder seemed to have tweeted this in context of the recent “Twitter Files” exposé that Musk did about the Hunter Biden laptop story.

“US politics is not much of Twitter. (K-pop might be bigger.) Also, in other places lives are at stake,” Twitter co-founder tweeted.

Quoting Musk’s tweet about Twitter Files Episode 2, Stone wrote “Gross.”

In another tweet, Stone questioned Musk’s poll about allowing Trump back on Twitter. Stone reminded that the poll is global and how many Russians voted?

The eccentric tech billionaire has made several changes to Twitter and many are in the pipeline, including giving different colored verification marks to business accounts.