Jordan Belfort Says FTX Was A Scam

December 06, 2022

Story- Divya Sinha

Jordan Belfort, famously known as “The Wolf of Wall Street,” has shared his views on the current state of the cryptocurrency market on his YouTube Channel.

He mentioned FTX as a scam and there is no way to protect against the scam.

Belfort said he would not approach cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) at this time.

He also informed that he hasn’t even sold one of his BTC or ETH holding as they could be beneficial in the next 5-10 years.

However, he detailed it saying that Bitcoin or Ethereum should only be a small part of your overall investment portfolio.

He also suggests that to decide on whether to sell what you currently have, one really needs to go step by step and see the basics of each coin and each token.

He believes digital assets has got massive value and that in the next evolution NFTs are going to be big.