Inactive Whales Move

2k Bitcoins

After 11 Years November 12, 2022

A whale account has moved about 2,000 bitcoin amidst a BTC crash to a

2-year low of $16,600.

“Old 2k BTC just moved. These were dormant

since Aug 2011 ,” CryptoQuant chief Ki Young Ju revealed in a tweet on Thursday.

The CryptoQuant chief shared a series of recent transactions involving

500 BTC

each from varying wallet addresses involving the 11-year-old BTC movement.

The wallet had been dormant until

November 11 .

Panic dump from the

FTX saga

has contributed to the red market and bitcoin’s underperformance.

BTC has not been able to free itself from the shackles of the bears, sinking by


in the past week.

FTX filed for bankruptcy on Friday causing a panic in the industry.