SBF Caught Lying About His Involvement In


Research December 3, 2022

Since the collapse of both Alameda Research and FTX, speculations has run rampant about how the two operations were intertwined and what chain of events drove both businesses into bankruptcy.

In a series of interviews this week, SBF has discussed his own working theory instead of talking about his involvement in Alameda.

“He was frankly surprised by how big Alameda’s position was,” SBF said at The NYT’s DealBook Summit on Wednesday.

“Alameda is not, like, a company that he monitor day-to-day,” former FTX chief claimed in an interview with New York magazine on Thursday.

“It’s not a company that he has run for the last couple years and he was only surface-level aware of Alameda’s finances, he said.

Most of the world’s billionaires would rather not discuss their wealth, but SBF had last year shared an screenshots of his wallets and a Google Sheet listing the details of his assets with forbes last year.

In an email sent to Forbes last year in January includes the details of his FTX equity plus holdings of 67.8 million Solana tokens, 193.2 million FTT tokens and 3 billion tokens of Serum.