MetaMask Clarifies On ConsenSys Privacy Policy Update

November 25, 2022

MetaMask, the popular Ethereum wallet, has now clarified about its privacy policy update asking the users IP addresses and Ethereum wallet addresses.

In its clarification tweet, MetaMask said an update to the wallet has made no change to the data the platform collects from its users, only the wording had changed.

The statement came in reaction to an outrage by crypto Twitter community members who had expressed displeasure at the move.

The critics said the company had expanded its collection of personal data.

They also alleged that revised policy invades the user’s privacy which is one of the core ethos of the crypto space.

In its revised privacy update, ConsenSys, which operates MetaMask, said it collects details such as contact details, profile information along with some other user data.

The update comes days after decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) Uniswap made a similar update to its privacy policy.