Virtual Reality


Leaves Meta December 17, 2022 Story: Divya Sinha

Pioneer of virtual reality technology,

John Carmack

has resigned from the position of Chief Technical Officer of Meta-owned Oculus VR.


from his social media page informed that his internal post to the company

got leaked to the press and shared his full resignation post.

He also tweeted that he has always been pretty


with how things get done at FB/Meta.

In the following tweet thread, he wrote that there is a

notable gap

between him and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on strategic issues.

He informed his followers that he is all in on

building AGI

at Keen Technologies now.


joined Oculus VR in

2013 as its CTO and in 2014, it was acquired by Meta.

In 2019, he reduced his role to consulting CTOs and invested more time in

artificial intelligence -focused startup

Keen Technologies.