Metaverse Losses To Goblin Mode As Word 

Of The Year

December 06, 2022 Story- Divya Sinha

Oxford Languages, the publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary, ranked "Metaverse" in second place.

Oxford said it is gained traction in the crypto community and publications.

Mark Zuckerberg renamed Facebook to Meta and was one of the biggest proponents of bringing the Metaverse into the mainstream.

A team of experienced lexicographers narrowed down a long list and finally selected three words: Metaverse, #IStandWith, and goblin mode.

However, Oxford named "goblin mode" the 2022 Word of the Year.

Goblin Mode was the overwhelming favourite, receiving 93% of the over 340,000 votes.

Oxford Word of the Year in 2021 was 'vax' and Merriam-Webster was 'vaccine'.