In 10-Year Deal To Release 

Call of Duty December 07, 2022 Story- Divya Sinha

Microsoft has announced a 10-year deal with Nintendo that will make Call of Duty available on Nintendo's platform.

Additionally, Microsoft promised to continue offering Activision's Call of Duty on Valve's Steam simultaneously to Xbox once the deal with Activision is complete.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer told Bloomberg News that the duration of the deal could be extended further after the early stages.

He added, Microsoft wants to expand the number of platforms people can play games on.

Spencer said it had been making similar proposals to Sony Group Corporation but so far has been rejected.

Sony has vehemently protested its acquisition of Activision due to concerns that US tech giant may dedicate content like Call of Duty to its own gaming service.

Microsoft executives are scheduled to with US Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan and other commissioners on Wednesday for final arguments in favor of the deal.